Str8 2 Tape Demo

by Gruda & Yoho

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Gruda & Yoho is 2-man band born in early 2011. Gruda plays guitar and sings. Yoho beatboxes and plays bass guitar..other objects and electronics are utilized, as well. their mostly original material fuses funk, rhythm & blues, jazz, psychedelic rock, hip-hop (beats), e.t.c. into one sonic blend. visit: for show dates, e.t.c.

this independent debut release was recorded "str8" into a 4-track cassette recorder during portions of july and august of the 2011th year. the music was played 'live in the cave' and vocals were overdubbed, yo. plz enjoy, perhaps. CAUTION: this recording is of an intentionally low-fidelity, hissful, blissful and occasionally otherworldly nature. CONTACT: email: kris(dot)gruda(at)gmail(dot)com for bookings and inquiries. we are available and interested to work as a backing band, as well. inquire within. this is original music (c) 2011.


released August 18, 2011

Kris Gruda: guitar, lead/backing vocals, songwriting/lyrics, electronics, objects.
Jason Yoho: beatboxing, bass guitar, electronics.



all rights reserved


Grudakris Weaverville, North Carolina

Grudakris a.k.a. Kris Gruda is an eclectic improvisor/ composer/ sound experimenter/ songwriter who often utilizes guitars with or without objects, electronics, vocals, percussion...'n such. this page emphasizes improvised solo works... among other things... thanX fer visiting/supportinginging. contact via email: kris(dot)gruda(at)gmail(dot)com re: bookings/recordings/collaboration. (((O))) ... more

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Track Name: questions
questions seem 2 procreate i don't think they're gonna di i i i ie without or within the answers the clock still ticks the time answers seem 2 not exist where i do not know they sli i i i ide within or without the questions mercilessly taking their time - i don't wanna i don't wanna feel no pain despite the fact that it's part of the game shiftin shakin holdin on dear life or death whatever's comin' on - questions questions no more questions no more fears questions questions the marks are everywhere - i'm a gonna i'm a gonna ride this wave no direction but it moves anyway moment's a gift next a bonus soon we see whatever's comin on
(c)2011 burnt abstraction.
Track Name: muck and mire
did u ever feel like you were lost in the middle of somethin u don't want to comprehend? just wanna leave it behind i cannot say i never felt like that in fact i kinda frequently do want 2 leave the muck behind - c= muck and mire not our desire no the muck and the mire it's hurtin my soul not my desire but it exists anyway exists anyway exists anyway - did u ever show up late though reality would say you didn't really wanna show up at all? woulda just liked 2 stay behind yes i say i've sure felt like that it's a trap i have fallen down in2 when i drove str8 in2 the mire - c - talkin bout the muck and the mire so far from our desire sometimes we're sinkin talkin bout the muck and the mire it's a trap and it's lurkin and it's a lie
(c)2011 burnt abstraction.
Track Name: sacred 2 escape
there is such an ocean of matters i don't wanta believe when truth is uglyness don't you want 2 escape from it? devotion 2 greed is an act of such frequency that it it's freakin' me out feel i'd like 2 escape from it take a outbound train - maybe we can erase it perpetuate some bliss purposefully forget that the ugly-ness exists - massive departure from love is such a scary thing 2 imagine that is a nightmare make you wishin' for a good dream sacred 2 escape do so in so many ways locate a passage 2 bliss take a load off of yer brain
(c)2011 burnt abstraction.
Track Name: arrival of jayo
please pardon the 'f-bombers and such'.